What is Boca Del Mar?

In the early 1970s, the Behring Corporation assembled the 2,350 acres of land now known as Boca Del Mar and undertook the planning and governmental processing which culminated in the granting of Planned Unit Development status by Palm Beach County in August 1971. The Behring Corporation underwent a name change to Leadership Housing, Inc. and construction of two golf courses and a portion of the arterial road system and the infrastructure was begun.

On December 29, 1972, a partnership agreement was signed between Leadership Housing, Inc. and Texaco Boca Del Mar, Inc. The Partnership, named Boca Del Mar Associates, acquired control over the entire 2,350 acres. Development of the arterial streets and infrastructure proceeded rapidly and by 1973 sales of home sites had substantially exceeded forecasts.

On February 28, 1978, Texaco acquired Leadership's interest in Boca Del Mar and day to day management of the project was taken over by Boca Associates, Inc., a contract management firm formed by one of the former senior employees of Leadership. Boca Associates supervised approximately 100 hourly and part-time golf course and club employees.

Boca Del Mar is a master planned community, commonly referred to as a Planned Unit Development or "PUD". Boca Del Mar's PUD approval granted an overall density of 5.5 residents per gross acre. Thus far, the individual builders have built to a consistently lower density than allowed on the master plan. Boca Del Mar is nearing a projected population of 25,000.

Parcels of various sizes were designated on the master plan for residential, commercial, civic, church and school sites, golf courses, open landscaped spaces, and bicycle trails. Boca Associates, Inc. reviewed and approved developers construction plans and exterior facades and landscaping were subject to architectural control by the Boca Del Mar Architectural Review Committee.

Boca Del Mar contains two championship golf courses. The North Course, designed by Von Hagge and Devlin, Inc. of Miami Springs, Florida, was built on 124 acres and completed in 1973.
It is now a private membership club. The South Course was designed by golf course architect Joe Lee of Boca Raton, and was built on 148 acres in 1975. The Mizner Trail Golf Club is a public golf course with a new clubhouse.

Maintenance of Boca Del Mar parks and roadways was provided by Boca Associates, Inc. through the Boca Del Mar Improvement Association from dues paid by the residents. In August 1984, residents were appointed to a transition committee to study and make recommendations to change the PUD governing documents from developer to residential control. At the January 1985 membership meeting, a smooth transfer of powers was made from Boca Associates, Inc. to the residents. A nine member board of residents was elected to the Boca Del Mar Improvement Association and for the past 15 years, we have provided Boca Del Mar with:


1. A contract sheriffs patrol and recently with a Citizen Observer Patrol program for resident security.

2. Development and maintenance of over one half dozen landscaped open spaces.

3. Participated in the establishment of Del Prado Elementary School in Boca Del Mar.

4. Landscaping, irrigation and maintenance along Palmetto Park Road, Camino Real, Southwest 18' Street and Powerline Road.

5. Published our bi-monthly Boca Del Mar News.
Developed and maintain the www.bocadelmar.org web site

7. News rack beautification, and installing additional streetlights wherever needed.

8. Establishing a two-cart litter patrol.

9. Providing a meeting room for Boca Del Mar communities.

10. Continuing enforcement of architectural control and deed restrictions in a fair and consistent manner.

11. Design and construction of Boca Del Mar entrance features and community directional signage on all roadways throughout the Boca Del Mar community.


Thanks to the efforts of our dedicated Board members and other
volunteers, Boca Del Mar remains the premier community
that was planned in 1971.